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Urethane RTV Prototyping

Fiberglass case molds, Epoxy molds, Silicone molds, and Polyjet printed Hi-Temp molds

Whether you are in the market for preliminary designs and proof of concepts, show quality castings, or short run and high quality production parts, Scicon Technologies is your one stop shop for molds and plastic castings.

With over 30 years of experience in the Rapid Prototyping industry, Scicon has a wide range of molds and plastics to fit your needs. We offer several options for making molds, ranging from: Fiberglass case molds, Epoxy molds, Silicone molds, and PolyJet printed Hi-Temp molds.

Our high volume repeatable molds are capable of making anywhere from 50 to 5000+ parts. Furthermore, our platinum silicon based RTV molds are capable of producing 1 to 20 quick turn hi precision parts.

Scicon’s molds are proficient in pouring FDA automotive hi temp (340 degrees Fahrenheit), and UV stable lens quality clears. We offer comprehensive services for casting Polyurethane and Epoxy in multiple Shore A-D durometers, ranging from the smallest medical and aerospace applications, to larger automotive and consumer electronics.

The Process

A silicone RTV mold is made from an SLA master pattern. After curing, the mold is cut, separated, and the SLA pattern is removed. The RTV mold is reassembled and urethane resin is poured into the mold. After curing in a vacuum chamber, the mold is disassembled and the completed part is removed.


Cost Effective
Good Detail

Material Selection

Urethane castings are made from a wide variety of simulated engineered plastics including ABS-like, PE-like, elastomers, PP-like, glass-filled, high strength, transparent, and high temp.



• Low volume production runs
• Marketing samples
• Test Flow Analysis
• Test prototypes