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SLS Services

Scicon’s additive processes take everything from engineering drawings to the dreams of inventors, and turn them into a reality. With over 25 years or experience and expertise, our knowledgeable and friendly sales representatives make it their responsibility to help guide you through the process in choosing the right material to fit your specific needs. Each additive manufacturing process has its own unique set of properties that are highly valued among designers and engineers. Some of our most sought after additive materials range from glass-filled nylons, flight-certified ULTEM, FDA approved nylons, clear polycarbonates, directly printed metal, snap-fit/living hinges, medical grade ABS, FR materials, RF transparent, and hi-temp. Our Stereolithography (SLA) process is ideal for aesthetics and large surface finishes, and our Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process is highly valued for its strong, tough, and durable characteristics.

Numerous industries can benefit greatly from our additive processes, some of the most popular being medical, aerospace, automotive, or electronic. We pride ourselves on being a service bureau that you can trust to work with you and make sure all your needs are met.

SLS technology directs a focused CO2 laser beam on to a bed of thermoplastic powder sintering (fusing together) thin two-dimensional cross-sections layer-upon-layer producing a solid engineered-plastic or metal part.

DuraForm EX – Tough, flexible nylon
DuraForm HST – Strong, stiff nylon
LaserForm A6 – Fully dense A6 tool steel

• Concept model, communication/visual aid, presentation model
• Form-Fit-Function Prototypes and Assemblies
• Test Flow Analysis
• One-off to low-run production parts
• Investment casting and RTV mold patters
• Rapid Tooling

Accura 60 is ideal for applications that require clear, polycarbonate-like material

STC-DS DuraForm EX-B

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