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Scicon PPE Initiative

Helping local hospitals during Covid-19

On March 19, 2020, thousands of California businesses were forced to close in an immediate effort to stop the spread of Covid-19. 

“Non-essential” businesses closed overnight. Supporting and suppling parts for many “essential” businesses, Scicon kept the doors open throughout the lockdown, while complying with dynamic Cal OSHA mandates. Scicon adapted to the many iterations of mandate protocol and continues to do so.

PPE, including face masks, supplies were quickly exhausted in health care settings. Scicon’s engineers designed face shields to manufacture and to donate. We made hundreds of face shields until our supply of mylar was exhausted and donated the face shields to 3 local hospitals – one in the Santa Clarita Valley, one in the Antelope Valley (where many of our employees reside), and a third in the adjacent San Fernando Valley.

  • Santa Clarita Valley

  • Antelope Valley

  • San Fernando Valley

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