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SciCast Services

Scicon Technologies offers a proprietary, high resolution metal casting process, with quality and precision unmatched in our industry. Our Scicast process generates many possibilities due to the fact that we are able to cast small-to-medium metal parts in a cost efficient and timely manner. Many customers use our Scicast process to acquire thin-walled castings in low volumes and short lead times, as well as our stainless steel process for medical tooling that are unable to be machined or properly made in DMLS, due to the complex geometry and undercuts. Scicast is ideal for anyone who would like to inexpensively run a lower quantity of parts for testing purposes before making a big investment in the final product.

All industries can benefit greatly from using Scicast. This process has gained popularity in the medical industry for bone plates, screws, and knee joints, the dental industry for braces, the automotive industry for small engine parts, and the electronic industry. RC enthusiasts and many other industries may also find Scicast beneficial for casting hardware for furniture, sewing machines, fishing reels, robots, automobiles, and boats, to name just a few.

Scicast builds patterns on a 7 ½ x 10 ½ platform, and we are able to cast parts in a vast number and variety of materials, such as countless Stainless Steels and Aluminums, as well as Zinc, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Holding a specific and tight tolerance of .005 per inch, as well as casting parts in great detail are vital benefits to investing in Scicast. Several finishing options are available besides the standard dull matte sand blasted finish. Parts can be tumbled or bead blast to produce more of a satin finish, and post process finishing is also available—such as polishing, plating, and anodizing.

The opportunities for Scicast are untapped and endless, Leonard Porche, creator and manager of the Scicast department at Scicon, articulates, since so many of the products we come in contact with everyday have small metal parts integrated into them.

High resolution meticulously finished SLA master patterns are used to produce RTV silicone molds in which we pour a variety of polyurethane plastics using our tightly controlled SciCast PPC process. Parts are removed from the mold and finished to production grade specifications.
Production grade
Simulated End Use Materials

Thermoplastic Characteristics (ABS, PP, etc.)
UL flammability
Shore A rubber simulants (soft to very hard)

Bridge pre-production and early stage production plastic parts for:
• Consumer goods
• Commercial enclosures
• Electronic cases

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