Scicon Technologies Services

HQ Prototyping

Highly-skilled precision model making

Scicon’s quality and finishing department offers an array of finishing services from simple “strip-and-ship” to full assembly “show quality capabilities.”

Our wide range of functional and cosmetic finishing options include: chrome plating, inserts and helicoils, pantone color matching, texturing, soft touch, polish clear coating, vacuum metalizing and plating, silk screening, rub-on decals and logos, inserts, over molding, and EMI shielding.

Whether you are looking for models for a photo shoot, prototype marketing samples, first articles for inspection, or full “show quality” models, Scicon’s wide variety of finishing options will fit any need.

The Process

Our highly-skilled model makers work with the customer to determine the exact requirements, plan the process from part production to finished product, and project-manage the work throughout the entire production process.


High Detail
Attention to Detail
Planned Results


  • Painting: DuPont Cromax Pro color matching system, specialized masking techniques for multi-colored units, climate-controlled custom painting environment, candy-color and UL-rated clears, durable two-part industrial paints, custom polished chrome
  • Polishing: plating, EMI/RFI shielding
  • Graphical treatments: silk screening, rub-ons, transfers, color inlays
  • Hardware: inserts, helicoils, screws
  • Assembly/fit check


• Show quality models
• Marketing samples/promotions
• Focus groups