Case Study: Raytheon

This is a quick overview of the different stages of the project. Hover over each stage or photo on the diagram for more information. Or, scroll down to see more.

Case Study: Raytheon
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Fully Installed

Stage 1

From the ideation of the mock-up, Scicon collaborated to make drawings come to 3D life (nascent renderings of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite – VIIRS, an actual satellite launched to collect environmental data records).

Stage 2

Scicon designed atmospheric earth renderings, complete with fiber optic lighting for the stars and an LED backlight for “space glow.”

Stage 3

The VIIRS satellite, ready for installation in Raytheon’s lobby in El Segundo, California. VIIRS , suspended in space, by rods. Addition of solar panels, connected to the VIIRS body, and supported by rods. VIIRS, high above the earth.

Stage 4

VIIRS suspended over the earth and twinkling stars, with a monitor that sends VIIRS a signal for imaging weather. Strategically placed fiber optic lights emphasize bodies of water and atmospheric clouds, contained within an edge glow band around the circumference of the base for definition and perspective of the earth. VIIRS and the solar panels, suspended above the earth.

Fully Installed

The fully-installed VIIRS model on display. From inception to completion, success! Scicon Technologies