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Who Is Scicon Technologies?

Scicon Technologies Corporation (Scicon) is your Single Source Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Center. Since 1989, Scicon has been a premier service bureau offering services for one-off parts, low-run production, and complete assemblies, utilizing additive and subtractive prototyping and manufacturing processes.

At Scicon, we understand that your projects may require more than one process to achieve the best possible part and component production. Scicon’s service offering includes: 3D printing (PolyJet high precision 3D printing), Stereolithography (SLA®), High-Definition Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®), CNC 5-axis machining, RTV, Urethane Castings, Metal Castings, and Scicon’s SciCast PMC™ (Precision Metal Casting).

Our Quality Policy

Scicon Technologies contributes to the industry through the engineering and application of established and emerging layer-additive, casting, engineering and machining technologies. We strive for recognition as the standard in this industry, particularly in the areas of customer service, dedication, honesty, and integrity.

At Scicon, we value our employees by providing equal opportunity employment and a clean, safe work environment. Scicon Technologies strives to deliver the best possible quality in our products, and to maintain our commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

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Scicon Technologies is certified to ISO 9001 (click HERE to review certificate).

Scicon Technologies CNC Machining is certified to AS9100 (click HERE to review certificate).

AS9100 Quality Policy
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